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Plus 12 & 24 Bottles

(5 customer reviews )

Ingredients – Turmeric , Ginseng, Ginger (and Krachai, Passion Fruit pulp, cold pressed Lime juice, Red Cayenne Chili Pepper and raw Honey)

At only 30 calories per bottle and boosted with Red Cayenne Chili Pepper, it is also the perfect morning enhancer to get start your day!
  • Boost physical, mental & everyday performance
  • Stimulate and prepare your heart, muscles and nervous system for action
  • Beneficial properties to raise natural testosterone and growth factors
  • Raise overall metabolic functioning
  • Enhanced with Panax ginseng & Red Cayenne Chili
  • Take pre-exercise / activity, kickstart the day or relieve that hangover



Before Active Sports

Reduce Chronic Inflammation
Improve Mental Cognition
Joint & Muscle Pains
Bloating, Gas & H. Pylori infection

Kick Start your Day, Digestion & Liver




UJAMU was designed as a powerful herbal addition to your daily wellbeing or sporting lifestyle. To get the best longer term benefits of our range, we recommend drinking one bottle each day, and as bottles have 2 servings, this can be split across the day. We recommend starting your day with UJAMU as an integral addition to a healthy ritual. Alternatively, UJAMU has been designed with specific functional benefits and can be incorporated throughout the day as you need it.


UJAMU is able to be kept at room temperature (at or below 27C) for at least 12 months from manufacturing date. Please keep it away from direct sunlight as the active phytonutrients (like curcumin) are light sensitive.

UJAMU is best drunk cold straight from the fridge

Drink when suits you best, as recommended per variant or on an empty stomach after you wake – don’t forget to BASH the BASE to WAKE the TASTE!

UJAMU can be used in many different ways add some to soups, smoothies, cocktails/mocktails, & juices or check out our recipes

Our bottles are made of recycled glass & we ask that you recycle responsibly again both the bottle and cap

5 reviews for Plus 12 & 24 Bottles

  1. Karim von Alvensleben

    Plus works best for me before and after a work out. Gives me that nice little boost and focus during the workout as well as helps me recover quickly and feel less fatigued after the workout.

  2. Jonathan Owen

    The best way to start my day. I feel more focused and ready to take on whatever the day will bring, whether that’s work, training, family life or all 3 combined.

  3. Dimity

    I use this product when I have multiple training sessions in one day. I find it helps with recovery and alertness.

  4. Mark Mariani

    I love the Ujamu Plus for sooooooooo many reasons. I have been an athlete and competitor pretty much my whole life. Once I started to add the Plus into my training regimen, it proved to be a game changer. I use this product primarily for a pre-workout and it makes me feel better, go hard, recover quicker, sleep deeper, less training fatigue and the ability to get up and go harder. Highly recommend this product as it’s proven to be a game changer in my performance.

  5. Reza

    After the “Original”, by far our favorite … feels great to have these after workouts, in the afternoon, and even before bed. Can’t directly correlate it to having less cramps, muscle fatigue, etc., but the energy boost, and the way it takes away those “bad cravings” is very noticeable.
    And of course, the freshness and the very specific hit of turmeric and ginger are an absolute joy.

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WARNING: Consult a Doctor before consuming if you are pregnant, on blood thinning medication or other health concerns. Side effects may occur if over-consumed. ข้อควรระวัง: หากอยู่ระหว่างการตั้งครรภ์ รับประทานยาต้านการแข็งตัวของเลือด หรือมีปัญหาทางสุขภาพ ควรปรึกษาแพทย์ก่อนรับประทาน

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