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  • Cotswold 113
    Cotswold 113 Middle Distance 2021 Chris toed the start line for the first time since the TOA race in March and was looking to capitalize on his Ironman UK preparation training block he did in Phuket before returning home to the UK. Since returning home and acclimatizing to the … Read more
  • Charity & Event Support
    UJAMU is committed to supporting our community Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, life has been effected for many 100,000’s if not millions of people across Thailand, and billions across the globe. In the last 18 months we have been committed to help support local charity and community … Read more
  • Dr Ben’s Beer, Beans & Pork Stew
    This one was too good not to share! Just back from a longer run this morning and whipped something hearty together for a busy day ahead. It’s always important for your post exercise / recovery intake to cover not only what may have been used during your training, but … Read more
  • Why we don’t use Black Pepper
    TURMERIC AND BLACK PEPPER – MAYBE IT’S NOT ALL IT’S CRACKED UP TO BE! We often get asked why we don’t use Black Pepper or the Black Pepper extract Piperine in our formulas. “But it is 2000% more absorbed, so it must be better” is the most common statement … Read more
  • TOA Triathlon 2021 – THAILAND
    First race of the year here in Thailand, the TOA Triathlon 2021 saw some great action on a fast and furious course in Sam Roi Yot Beach. Team UJAMU went with a new lead athlete for this race, Chris Weeks, as Merrick is out for the next couple of … Read more
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