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100% natural Turmeric herbal

100% Natural Fresh Turmeric  Beverages

Freshest Ingredients

Made from fresh local ingredients, UJAMU is not produced from powders or concentrates

Natural Curcumin

Our Turmeric is harvested just days before production from the best local farms in Surat Thani province, ensuring the highest concentration of active phytonutrients

100% Thai Made

All ujamu products are 100% Thai made utilizing products from small local farms and are founded on our core beliefs of sustainability, ethical farming, promotion & growth of wellbeing across all those involved - from the farmers to you.

Low Calorie

Containing small amounts of raw organic honey, UJAMU is ultra-low in calories - starting at only 10 calories/serve

Something for everyone

Initially designed for sports performance, UJAMU now is used by people from all walks of life – teachers, oil rig workers, super yacht captains, personal trainers, delivery drivers, alcoholics and many others.

Synergistic Design

Formulated by a leading Naturopath & Sports Medicine Physician, UJAMU was in the works & developed along side some of the leading athletes of the world for over 2 years.

100% natural Turmeric herbal

4 unique blends, scientifically designed for your well-being


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What is UJAMU?

UJAMU (you-jam-oo) is the first Thai FDA approved all-natural, therapeutically active and physiology enhancing herbal beverage range to meet the demands of athletes, sports enthusiasts, health & wellbeing conscious consumers and those looking to boost or enhance their everyday performance levels.

The evolutionary roots of UJAMU

Ujamu stems from SE Asian traditional medicine practices that date back some 1300 years, mixed with modern western Naturopathic herbal & wholistic medicine. Traditionally, and still in small villages today, the local healers or Shamans walk through the village every morning, knocking on doors and creating individualized “jamu tonics” to cure people ill’s.

We have taking this age old Naturopathic treatment protocol of wholistic individualized dosing to create four unique beverages to help you with more of today’s modern environmental, lifestyle and chronic stressors. So instead of knocking on your door, we have crafted 4 variations for the most common health concerns, allowing for you to jamu also every day! So do U jamu?

How to drink?

Drinking Ujamu is best done chilled or refrigerated and served in the bottle or poured over ice

Don’t forget to BASH THE BASE to WAKE THE TASTE, but ensure the cap is on and sealed, you don’t want Ujamu everywhere!!

Ujamu can also be consumed in a wide variety of ways; in juices/smoothies, as a soup base, added to mocktails or even to cocktails (see our cocktail list coming soon from some of Thailands leading mixologists!) to create healthy cocktails.

When to drink?

Ujamu can be taking anytime of the day or night, depending on your lifestyle or activity level. As guidelines we have designed Ujamu to be taken pre or post exercise for improved sports performance and recovery; before or after meals to help improve digestion and remove bloating, during sports/activities/stressful times to help balance blood sugar and hormone levels; beginning of the day on an empty stomach and before sleep to encourage bodily systems to reset and rebalance your body; and before passing out or waking up with a hangover if you indulged in a few to many.

How many should I, can I drink?

Generally we recommend a maximum of 1 – 2 bottles per day. As there are two 90mL “dosage shots” in each bottle, you can split 1 – 2 bottles across the entire day, or take them all at once – the choice is yours. This may also depend on your own tolerance for Curcumin based on body weight, lifestyle and activity levels, please use your brain and assess what is right for you. Whilst many of our customers enjoy up to 4-5 bottles per day on occasion, we don’t recommend this for any period of time.

Is Turmeric safe?

Turmeric and its active ingredient Curcumin is a therapeutically active compound that has some side effects taking in high dosages, and sustained high dose usage is not recommended by any trained physician. Fundamentally safe in small to moderate doses, it does though have side effects and contra-indications* such as blood thinning properties which can be dangerous for those especially on blood thinning medication or are pregnant. It is best to consult your health care professional in regards to seeing if Turmeric or Ujamu is safe for you.

**Consult your health care provider for any health concerns.

Who shouldn’t drink UJAMU?

As mentioned previously, Turmeric and more specifically Curcumin has a specific dosage range and may not be safe for many people. It is best to check with your health care provider to see if Ujamu is safe for you. The main areas of concern are those with blood thinning medications, pregnancy and children. If you have any other health complaints please check with your physician, we do not accept any responsibility for your usage of Ujamu. We are happy to answer any queries or concerns you may have with Ujamu, please contact us via email and Dr Ben will reply as soon as possible.

Please also do not feed, give, allow access of Ujamu to your pets or pour into fish tanks or give to wild animals.

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